Uncategorized January 19, 2015

Reflecting on the Seahawks’ NFC Championship Win…

It’s hard to live anywhere near Puget Sound, or perhaps even in Washington State, and not be a Seahawks fan these days. We take pride in the flags we wave, the colors we wear, the numbers we sport. We have an officially proclaimed day – Seahawks Blue Friday – started in January of 2014 by Governor Jay Inslee that continues even now where we sport blue on Fridays to support the team. Some people think it’s madness, a few have escaped the fever, but most of us love those Seahawks!

The NFC Championship game against the Packers was not the Seahawks best. In fact, they played poorly for most of the game. They just couldn’t seem to pull it together. Then, with fewer than four minutes on the clock, things started to turn around. Up until that point, the Packers dominated the game. You could see their confidence grow as the clock ran down. They thought they had it. A lot of people did. But they didn’t – the Hawks won! What happened?

Some of the win was luck. But more than luck, what won the game was the fact that the Seahawks didn’t give up. They didn’t fade, they didn’t lag, and in spite of not playing well, with only minutes left in the game they pushed on as hard or harder than ever. That’s difficult, isn’t it? When you’re not winning, aren’t you tempted to give up? Or give less than your best? I am. And then I’m tempted to make excuses for myself. But that’s what I love about the Seahawks the most. They play as a team, they really do play to win, and they don’t give up even when the clock is running down and the odds are against them.

I hope I learn from the Seahawks this year. When it looks like I’m not winning, I hope I don’t lose the vision. I hope I don’t make excuses, and I hope I don’t give up. I hope you push through to those wins, too. And speaking of winning, of course I hope the Hawks go on to Super Bowl victory!